How to Create a Website from Scratch

In this tutorial, learn how to create your own website. This is a great guide for beginners and laypersons, so that you can have great and thorough step-by-step directions to get you started. This guide makes no assumptions about what you already know, and will give you links to other relevant articles so that you […]

Why Hire a Freelance Designer?

To be completely honest, the main reason is to save money. Hiring a freelance web designer rather than a web design agency means you are avoiding a whole lot of overhead including project managers and CEOs, and will not have to fork out money. You will be directly paying the web designer. Even if you […]

Table of Contents Plus Plugin

Long posts seem to be a major problem of mine. This includes reviews, step by step, and photo shoots. TOC Plus may be the answer for these long post problems.

TOC Plus Solutions

Some posts cannot be shortened and still contain all the needed information. For post like there a Table of Contents can be used.

Bounceback Rate
TPOmxLong posts have a high turnaround rate and often lose the interest of readers. With short attention spans that many readers get from using Facebook and Twitter, longer posts tend to be ignored. That is why a Table of Contents is needed. Those that have longer blog posts have noticed that readers are losing interest and are just scanning the post. The average person see a longer posts and does not read it or bookmark it to read later and never get around to it.

How This Affects SEO
The Search Engine Optimization rate is negatively affected when people spend a short amount of time on a blog. A low SEO means not as much traffic to the site and will be low in the search engine results. When people see the TOC they can get an idea of the subjects addressed in the blog. This will increase the reader’s desire to see the blog and increase the SEO score at the same time.

Headings for Longer Posts
This is very important especially for newer posts. Breaking down longer posts into headings is easier for the reader to see the different sections of information. They can scroll through the blog and see what topics they will be reading about. This time spend on the pages however was still short and the bounce rate was still too high. I created a table of contents for my new review allowing the readers a peak of what they would be reading about. This was done to hook them so they would keep on reading. I also thought it would be a good idea to have a link when they click on the topic of their choice. This would take the reader right to the section they wanted to read. I think this would be valuable on many websites.

Table of Contents Plug-ins
I cannot believe this did not occur to me sooner. There is a plug-in for everything else online so this is no reason this cannot be done with a WordPress blog. I added a new plug-in feature to my blog. There are a few Table of Contents plug-ins available to use. I canned them based on how many people have used that plug-in and the rating they received out of five stars. I narrowed down my selection then further scanned the plug-ins that would work on my version of WordPress. I selected one that stood out: Table of Contents Plus which was designed by Michael Tran.