How to Create a Website from Scratch

In this tutorial, learn how to create your own website. This is a great guide for beginners and laypersons, so that you can have great and thorough step-by-step directions to get you started. This guide makes no assumptions about what you already know, and will give you links to other relevant articles so that you […]

Why Hire a Freelance Designer?

To be completely honest, the main reason is to save money. Hiring a freelance web designer rather than a web design agency means you are avoiding a whole lot of overhead including project managers and CEOs, and will not have to fork out money. You will be directly paying the web designer. Even if you […]

Excessive Barking Dogs – A Test in Writing Good Content

You’ll notice throughout this passage how the writer is able to embark on solid quality content for the reader to understand how to come to a solution. When people spend time online looking for answers, they want immediate solutions and that’s why providing it for them fast and succinct is the best way. Le’ts take a look below at the answer to: How Can I Stop My Dog from Barking Incessantly?

understanding-barkingThe simple answer is that you really can’t. This is because barking is a natural reaction from a dog in terms of their environment changing, so it’s best to allow them to engage in it, provided it’s done in a reasonable amount. On the other hand, it’s understandable that something like this may end up annoying not only you, but your neighbors as well. In instances like this, there are different steps that you can take to effectively minimize the amount of barking that your dog engages in. These solutions could include behavior modification (i.e. obedience school) or a simple change in the dog’s environmental settings.

Generally, dogs bark at different things that their hear and see. It’s just one of their main characteristics. However, the barking typically stops when they are no longer able to see or hear what may be causing them to do it in the first place. Before leaving your home, consider turning on a radio with classical music playing. Not only will this cut down on the chances of the dog hearing any strange noises, but the sound of the music will also soothe them.

Your dog may continue to bark at various things when you are home, such as visitors or even other individuals walking past your house. Generally, this is done out of mere suspiciousness in your dog, especially since they may have never seen these things before.

If your dog is more of a “bossy” type, it’s important for them to know that they are not the ones who are in charge. Sometimes this can take a while for a dog to adjust to, but the best way to reinforce this is to reward your dog with a treat or a toy whenever they do something that they are told to do, such as sitting, laying down, or doing a trick (only if they know how). In addition, you can also teach your dog to bark on command with the intention of then teaching them how to stop barking on command. The big trick with this is knowing what can trigger the barking to prepare yourself, then stating the command before creating the noise.

Perhaps the best way to correct a dog’s unacceptable behavior is by engaging in some form of training. There are some dog owners who have even gone so far as to have their dog undergo vocal cord surgery, as well as investing in no-bark collars.

These kinds of collars are available in both herbal spray and radio. In terms of the radio collar, it emits a small shock whenever the dog starts to bark. The shock comes from two prongs that touch the front of the dog’s neck, emitting whenever those prongs vibrate from the bark itself. The herbal spray type emits a small burst of citrus mist into the dog’s face, interrupting the barking as soon as it starts.

Redesign a WordPress Landscaping Site

It’s come once again: the time of year in which many different landscaping websites need to be completely redesigned. Now that many landscapers are winding down business for the year thanks to the coming colder seasons, they are also beginning to determine their budget for the next season, especially how they will spend their marketing dollars.

landscaping-website-designTypically around this time of year, we speak to a various amount of landscaping companies in regards to what their specific marketing objectives are when business starts back up again. Generally, the biggest item at the top of their lists is to have their company’s website redesigned. It’s no secret that a lot of companies may be at the fourth, fifth, or even sixth redesign of their website. In the end, it’s important to keep in mind that, as a landscaping company, you will need to keep a redesign of your website in mind, and it’s something that should take place every couple of years or so. This is so the company will be able to stay up-to-date with all of the latest trends in terms of useability and design.

As expected, if someone is looking to redesign a website, it obviously will cost money. You may be asking yourself exactly how much something like this can cost. Well, unfortunately, it isn’t cheap. In fact, redesigning landscaping websites can annually cost upwards of approximately between $8,000 to $12,000. There are also a great many factors including cost that need to be considered as well. Here are three of those factors to keep in mind, as well as questions that you should consider asking your website developer and designer.


It’s best to keep things simple when designing for a landscaping company that is either small or medium in size. This is because website designers and developers realize that companies of either of these sizes don’t employ their own in-house teams in terms of marketing, nor do they have their own IT departments to help keep an eye on their website. Because of this, designers and developers recommend platforms that don’t require the services of an outside webmaster to make updates, but rather allowing the company owner themselves to make simple changes. There are two different companies that are recommended for this: HubSpot and WordPress, both of which are extremely user-friendly.


WordPress is generally considered to be a form of content management system, otherwise known as CMS. We liked to model WordPress sites around this particular layout: This is something that is absolutely free to utilize for your website; however, for more professional looks, it is required that you pay for premium features. When a website redesign project gets underway, it will be moved to HubSpot platform, even if it is already on WordPress. This is because the marketing automation software that is part of SiteSpot allows for the platform of a website to feature the same kind of marketing tools. In addition, when websites are constructed on the HubSpot platform, they generally are faster than those constructed on the Wordpress platform. Speed is something that matters to both search engines and website visitors. Furthermore, SiteSpot websites are also mobile-friendly no matter what kind of device they are being accessed on. As previously mentioned,Wordpress websites are free to construct; however, the software provided by HubSpot can cost approximately $150 per month.

In addition, if you are looking for features such as contact forms, capabilities with quoting, and other functionality-based features, you can take advantage of these with either HubSpot or Wordpress, but they can come at an extra cost.

Three Tips for Ideal Website Design Portfolio

A portfolio is perhaps the most important tool that any kind of web designer can possess, as it is the main thing that will showcase some of the best work that you’ve done. Employers and clients alike will always ask to see a portfolio of some sort in order to get a general idea of the different capabilities that you possess. If you currently do not have a portfolio, it’s highly recommended that you begin with the “How to Make a Website on Treehouse” course, which goes into all of the steps regarding exactly how to put a portfolio together. This is a more recent in ear headphone website I put together based on lots of friends interest in the topic.

Here are some useful tips that you can make note of and follow when it comes to putting together the perfect portfolio website for your work.


Web DesignWhen it comes to looking for a job, chances are you’ve likely had the phrase “dress for the job you want, not for the job you have” thrown at you on more than one occasion. This kind of concept is also the case in terms of putting a portfolio together.

However, if you are a single designer who works as part of a larger team, you may find it rather beneficial to concentrate on one specific market niche. If this is the case you will want to ensure that you highlight that specific information. This is because you will be able to anticipate the needs and wants of clients in this particular field, even before you take part in a potential meeting with them.

Even if you have done any kind of design work, there’s always the possibility that you may not actually feel like a designer. It’s important to keep in mind that if someone is looking for a web designer, they won’t want to see any non-web designing work that you’ve done. On the other hand, if you have done a great amount of web design but wish to be a graphic designer instead, then you will want to eliminate the idea of including any past web design work in your portfolio.


Many individuals who have toyed with the idea of putting a portfolio together typically tend to think that it’s best to include a multitude of projects that they’ve completed. They generally feel that this is the best way to showcase their full potential. However, the opposite is actually true, as including only a few pieces in your portfolio is the best way to go.

When putting together a portfolio, go through what you personally feel are some of the best pieces of work that you’ve ever done, rather than the ones that you think the clients and employers will like the most. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your portfolio is about you, not anyone else.


Whatever pieces of work you choose to include in your portfolio, it’s important to make sure that they essentially each tell a different story. For example, if you have constructed a website dedicated to a certain food truck company that is either local or national, then the aesthetics you include in your portfolio should completely fit the message. In the end, clients and employers prefer to see pieces of work that actually mean something and tell a story.

You may also want to consider transforming your portfolio into a form of case study. For instance, allow clients and employers to click on various areas of a sample of your work in order to obtain more information. This kind of information could range from what the specific needs of each client were and how all of the solutions you came up with for them worked out in the long run. Ensure that the viewer of your portfolio knows how well you were able to play the role of a proverbial “problem solver.”